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SOAR: Building Strengths-Based Strategy


  • SOAR is being used to help fight childhood obesity.  Read more here...
  • Dr. Stavros and Dr. Cole recently presented at a SOAR workshop at Assumption University in Thailand.  See their article here.
  • Dr. Jackie Stavros speaks at workshops in Australia on Appreciative Inquiry and SOAR.  Workshops in Australia reviewed in Positive Psychology News.  Read more here...
  • Click on the Circle of Change icon to hear Jackie live on the Circle of Change Radio/Web stream Show: 
  • August 2013: AI Practitioner:  The Generative Nature of SOAR: Applications, Results, and the New SOAR Profile.  Click here to view
  • August 2007: AI Practitioner Introduction to SOAR.  Click Here to view
  • November 2003: AI Practitioner with a discussion of SOAR as a framework for strategy. Click here to view.  
  • Ally Stavros authored an article titled: Appreciative  Intergenerational Conversations in the AI Practiioner. Click here to view.
  • Core Dialogues Radio, Jackie Stavros – management professor, consultant, and co-creator of SOAR— shares her strengths-based approach to strategic planning. And it all lies in her SOAR framework.